Introducing The Heart of a Gypsy…

Well hello there!

Thanks for checking out my blog-especially if you didn’t get a text gently forcing you to give me my first view.

You’re probably wondering what you can expect to see on this blog.  My life is a whirlwind of adventures, sushi dates with dear friends, obsessing over country singers, traveling, awkward encounters that make for great stories, not wearing shoes, and of course my furry friends Gizmo and Buddy.

Obviously, those are all enticing reasons to consistently read my blog.  To help you gain an idea of just who I am, I have rounded up ten fun facts for your learning purposes and enjoyment.

  • During a school trip, I got lost in London during the changing of the guards. Technically, I got left behind after the tour guide told me and a friend to “move closer so you shorties can see!” and no one noticed we were missing. (This is a common theme, stay tuned for more left behind and lost posts). The best part is once said friend and I noticed we had been left we had to run through side streets searching for our classmates and bus to get ready for a performance that began shortly.  The good news is we made it and had about ten minutes to put on makeup and change.  The bad news is the mean chaperone mom yelled at us.  London was a good time, I recommend not going with band moms though.
  • In the second grade my best friend moved to Seattle and because my parents felt sorry for pint-sized, gap-toothed, bangs n’ bobbed me I finally got a dog.  I named her Orphan Annie, I was her Daddy Warbucks who gave her everything she needed and we were in love. Ironically, in the seventh grade, she played ‘Sandy’ in the musical Annie.  I on the other hand did not make the play, my musical talents were not wanted that year.  I can guarantee you that she was the best dog ever.
  • I am currently on the road to my own personalized version of 27 Dresses.  Just like Katherine Heigl’s character, Jane, I am the extremely single, excellent friend, with enormous dreams and to-do lists that is always a bridesmaid never the bride.  In the past 6 months I have been in two weddings and attended two others.  Here’s to hoping that my own Kevin, played by James Marsden, makes an appearance before I am wrinkled.  Special note for friends: please continue picking pretty and affordable dresses for me to wear or I will embarrass you on the big day.
  • One summer I moved to Essex, Montana; a mountain town of 50 people with no cell phone service to escape the real world, bunk with my cousin, and explore Glacier National Park.  After a 37 hour train ride from Chicago to Essex I was ready to get the party started. That was the summer of “yes to adventures” even when they seemed like a bad idea just because I knew it would make a fabulous story.  I came home with mens flannels, a pocketful of cash, and many stories.
  • Country music is my favorite.  I have actually only been to country concerts with the exception of my Uncle’s hip-hop band, local shows, and The Jonas Brothers (I TOLD everyone that Nick is the hottest…) My cowboy boots must be lucky because I have met Carrie Underwood, Easton Corbin, Hunter Hayes (twice!), Kip Moore, Michael Ray, oh, and Craig Campbell touched my car. The real reason why I am single is because I haven’t had time to date a country star yet.
  • I have a really big sweet tooth.  If it is bad for you I love it and want some more of it!  Cakes, cookies, pies, breads, chocolates, cheesecakes, fruit pizza, tarts, macaroons, fudge, salt water taffy, ice cream, fro-yo, gelato, popsicles, candy, mints, gum, belgium waffles, oh I could go on and on.  If you ever want to win me over, I always accept sweet treats.  Please pray I do not develop diabetes and that I can curb my sugar addiction.
  • In High School I was a floater. I had friends who were musical, sporty, artsy, smart, and rebellious. With that being said, I was nominated as Homecoming Queen and really thought I would win until I realized that one of my good friends was also nominated.  To this day, I am convinced that I was the second place Queen, maybe I should have looked into food poisoning so I got the larger crown… Just kidding!
  • Skinny Dipping is one of my favorite summer activities.  My first memory of skinny dipping was on a family vacation in Michigan where I convinced my much younger sister to join me in throwing our bikinis on top of the raft we were clinging to as we floated out in the very crowded lake.  There is something so free to be in the water without tight material rubbing against your skin.  It also is thrilling to run down the beach naked late at night with friends when you get caught by security. I mean, I would imagine, it is not like I am drawing from personal experience here…
  • When I was four and a half years old I told my mom she was going to give me a sister.  After my fifth birthday, my mom gave birth to my sister and I cried because she was a permanent addition and not going back to the hospital.   When I was six years old, I asked for a brother and also received one.  I cried because he cried too much and no one paid attention to me anymore. I’ve learned to love and live with these crazy siblings of mine and I have also learned that you have to be careful what you wish for.  Once my mom asked for a “small glass of sprite” and my brother brought her a shot glass of pop. Siblings definitely make life more interesting!
  • I have so many aspirations that it is hard to determine where in life I want to go.  My dreams and goals are similar to a Kindergarteners.  I want to be an event planner, a flight attendant, a travel writer, an astronaut, a copy editor, a makeup artist, a (realistic) fashion model, a taste tester, a professional beach bum, a sorority house mom, start a company.  I want to have bleached blonde hair, I want blue lowlights, I want my hair to reach down to my butt in the perfect angled “V” cut.  I want to be covered in tattoos and piercings today and have clean, soft skin tomorrow.  I want to wear contacts to make my eyes gold or purple.  I want to wear makeup and I want to never wear makeup again.  The best is yet to come, I am only 23 years old.  If I want to bleach my hair and pierce my nose no one can stop me.  If I work really hard to become a successful career woman there is no obligation to never change careers again.  If it gets too cold in Chicago I can jump on a plane and go ride an elephant along the beach in Thailand. There is nothing stopping me from chasing my dreams I just need to pick which dream is next!

There ya have it, ten fun facts!  Enjoy what is to come with this blog 🙂

XX, -E


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