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Today was the Blackhawks Parade and I just got off the phone attempting to leave my sweet friend from North Carolina a voicemail.  By attempt, I mean my phone is so janky that whenever I make phone calls the screen goes black and I cannot end the call until my phone turns off on its own.  (Feel free to send any AT&T phones my way!) Now you’re probably thinking two things, “Why do you have the worst luck with cell phones?” and “Remind me why you have a friend in North Carolina when you live in Illinois?”

Let’s focus on the latter…

I have family that lives outside of Raleigh and I spent my spring break this year with them, SB2K15!  It was a traditional spring break in the sense that there were large amounts of alcohol consumed.  Oh yeah, and my mom accompanied me.  Like I said, typical crazy spring break!  While spring breaking I had a lot of adventures* but the best was when I went to my first Blackhawks hockey game and made a new friend.

The Chicago Blackhawks were playing the Carolina Hurricanes in good ole PNC Arena.   It was a family affair, my aunt, uncle, cousin, his girlfriend, and my mom; I was the only hockey virgin**.  Like any good Chicago fan, I chugged cheap beer while walking from the car to the arena.  I was exuberant in my borrowed Hawks shirt, favorite gold monogram necklace, and rounded hippie sunglasses. See below my hard core cheesin’ and #nofilter snap.


At the United Center, tickets to see the Hawks are pricey.  This chica paid $10.  You read that correctly, TEN DOLLARS to get into PNC to see the Hawks crush the Canes! All it took was my trusty Redbird college ID card and I was golden. Word of the wise, never lose your college ID card and go easy on the black eyeliner to embrace the baby face.

After many overpriced beers and two trips to the bathroom the Hawks had defeated the Canes.  I thought the night couldn’t get any better, boy was I wrong!

My aunt and I had just gotten free posters and found the rest of the fam bam talking to a tall, good-looking family.  Before I had even opened my mouth, my mom shouts, “This is Jordan! She is your age!” My aunt follows up with, “She used to be a model!” I cannot even process that someone in my family must already know this gorgeous girl before she tells me the best news I had heard all night.  “I just met the Dartmouth basketball team do you want to come out with us?” The words flew out of my mouth faster than I knew was possible, “Yes. My name is Em.”

For those of you who do not personally know me, situations like this happen quite often.  I’m not sure how or why but I have completely accepted my fate of having a ridiculously grand time at all possible costs.

The next thing I know I am waving goodbye to my family and jumping in the car with strangers.  Turns out, this girl is actually named after Michael Jordan so I affectionately nicknamed her MJ.  I realized I had met MJ’s dad years before in Lake Geneva with my uncle when they were on a business trip.  Much less creepy now, too bad I found this out while driving away from my family.  MJ’s family dropped us off at her condo and we quickly changed before heading out to the Chapel Hill bar scene where we met up with men that are 6 foot 7 and play basketball.

When you connect with someone, you know very quickly.  Jordan and I realized on that 30 minute car ride that we have a lot in common and it was completely natural when she vocalized, “You’re going to be in my wedding one day.” After knowing each other for one fun night out, MJ bought a plane ticket to come visit me for a long weekend. I’m hoping that next hockey season we can go to a game together but of course I plan on seeing her before the Hawks play again.

Spring break was clearly a success in my eyes; I ate at some delicious restaurants and breweries, went to a flea market, laid on the beach, met some amazing people, and jumped on the Hawks bandwagon. Next time you’re thinking your life is at a standstill, remember to take chances, drive fast, and support Chicago teams!

XX, -E

Important sidenotes:

*Stay tuned for the complete list of my spring break adventures including befriending the Dartmouth basketball team, meeting my boyfriend in a hole in the wall bar in Wilmington, 4 college visits in 4 days, and some good food & booze. 

**I had previously been to my cousin’s hockey games.  This was my first Blackhawks game.  I’m not a complete noob. 


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