Workin’ Hard for my Money

In the 8th grade I was required to take a career quiz.  My dreams had just been crushed that A). I was not smart enough to get into Cornell’s veterinary program and B). By going to vet school I would be taking classes until I was 28 years old which sounded just as horrible back then as it does now. Being in school until I was 28 meant that my life plan of engaged by 21 and married by 23 was not going to happen.  Spoiler alert: it did not happen despite avoiding vet school. I was ecstatic thinking all of my problems would be solved by this questionnaire and I would have a new career plan.

Drum roll for my top three career choices:  

     Bus driver, Nun, and actress.  My 14 year old heart sank.  I was never any good at Mario Kart how would I successfully drive a bus.  The idea of not being able to show my long, luscious locks horrified me.  And let’s face it, Hollywood STILL is not ready for someone as great as me to represent all the normal people in the movies and media. (Cue When I Grow Up by the Pussycat Dolls, I will gladly be an actress, email me with opportunities!)

      I spent the majority of high school convinced that I would become a high school English teacher so I could frequent breaks from my students to vacation and stay current on my young adult literature.  I would get a job in the school district I grew up in because they actually pay decently and then my husband and I would move after a few years to somewhere that is always warm, preferably near the beach.  Because my husband would be wealthy, I would sleep in every morning, go to yoga or tennis lessons, enjoy lunch at the country club with my friends, volunteer at animal shelters, and come home to spend time with my husband and plan our next fundraiser event for worthy causes as well as our next vacation.  Yes, my dream life is an A+!

     Reality set it during college when I realized becoming a teacher is one of the most difficult career paths.  So many tests, and clinical experiences, and early mornings… Remind me why I signed up for this?!  During student teaching, I felt like a zombie; my to do list was unending and my days began at 6am and did not end until 11:30pm because I had a serving job to make sure I had gas in my car to get to student teaching. Did I mention that many internships pay their students but student teachers actually pay full-tuition and work for free? My vision was not correlating to what was reality although there are a plethora of snacks in the lounge at any given moment.

     A few days ago I was leaving my serving job when a friend texted me the link to a Buzzfeed Quiz about what career choice I should have made.  Of course I took the quiz, in high hopes that I would get some amazing career I had never thought about previously and my Education degree would be more than enough to get me started in that profession and I could pay off my student loans ASAP. You know what I got on this career quiz? A lumberjack.

     As much as I love a good flannel and pair of combat boots, I cannot say a lumberjack is the job for me.  I have decided that career quizzes are also not my thing and I am really going to need that wealthy husband before I turn 26 and am no longer covered by my parents incredible health insurance.  Until then I am going to continue chasing dreams and working at a restaurant with my Bachelors degree and teaching license to pay the bills.

-XX, E


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