I just got off the phone with Nancy, a receptionist from my local insurance agent’s office for the third time in the last week.  Nancy is the kind of woman who sounds like she already smoked an entire pack of cigarettes today and when she calls you “baby” and “sweetie” you feel nothing could possibly be wrong with the world.  Our conversation began like this…

Nancy: Hi, thanks for calling *Insurance*.

Me: Hey Nancy, this is Emily.

Nancy: Hi! Did you buy your grandpa’s car?!

At that exact moment I should have known we would be having a heart to heart during our phone conversation.

In May of 2014, my first apartment lease ended and I packed  up my Dad’s 2000 Camry and moved home.  Back to sharing a room with my sister who is five years younger, back to my twin bed, back to possibly the loudest home I have ever experienced.  I was not finished with school but I was taking three summer classes at my local community college and online through ISU while working as a full-time nanny.  I was dealing with a four year old that still would pee and poop her pants, even when she was sitting in my lap watching a movie and her two elementary aged siblings who screamed at me because I took them to the pool and put the country station on “too loud” in their mom’s minivan.  My only sanity came from weekend road trips with girlfriends from college and tearing up the dance floor at weddings.

That summer I vowed that by June 2015 I would buy my first car and August 2015 I would move out.

Fast forward through the most draining year of my life that included student teaching, meeting a new best friend, getting hired on the spot at Blackfinn, college graduation, a full semester of long-term subbing in a special ed classroom that I am not certified or trained to teach, more weddings, and permanent under eye circles. I was the first teacher cruising out of the parking lot on June 12th, the last day of school, right after the buses full of smelly junior high students pulled away, with the principal calling out after me to call her over the summer. I briefly felt like Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher.

My summer has been filled with pool days, country concerts, many weddings (third bullet point but know that the number has obviously increased by now), and adulting.  On July 1st I not only bought my first car but I signed my first big girl job contract, too.  On top of that, not one but two event companies (historical mansion and private events) that I reached out to are welcoming me with open arms to gain experience and hands on learning for my resume.  In less than a month, I will be packing up my red Ford and ESCAPEing two hours South to my new job and home.  You are looking at the newest House Director for the very sorority that I was an active member of throughout my time in college!


As I prepare for my new role as an adult in today’s society, that lead me to my multiple conversations with Nancy.  I thought it would be smooth sailing now that I have a place to live, a job, and a car.  I have been making many large purchases like a Queen sized bed, car insurance, transferring car title and plates.  I have been cleaning and organizing all of my belongings into two piles complete with baby pink post-it notes; next stop Normal and staying in Action Heights. I have been giving my dog and cat extra cuddles because I do not know when I will be “home” next. I finally got my nose pierced, sorry grandparents. Oh, and I also am getting ready for a vacation to Sanibel Island with the girls because the beach is always a good idea.

This is my year, my Michael Jordan year, and I am going after what I want and taking names!

Watch me adult 🙂

XX, -E


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  1. MyFunshine says:

    You are a rockstar and an inspiration. Keep kicking ass!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I’m so excited for my newest adventure!!


  2. I can’t wait to hear more about your new adventures! You’re going to have such an amazing year 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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