Growing my Family

It was not my intention to come home with a kitten and five plants.  But let me explain myself.

It is official. I have been on my own for seven weeks now (As of the weekend after Labor Day!).  Pretty decent for a 23 year old in this day and age if I say so myself.  I am making all my payments on time, I am not starving, I sleep in a paid-off bed that has clean sheets each night, and my car has not run out of gas in the middle of the road.

In balancing two pretty cool jobs I decided I was “adulting so hard!” and it was time to up the ante.  I was going to become a mom. A plant mom.  I did not want to overload myself and realized that three new plant babies would be my limit.  Walking into a local garden and flower shop, visions of succulents and bright flowers danced through my head. Would I leave with cacti, flowers, draping house plants? My options were endless!

The shop ended up being much more overwhelming than I would have imagined-who would have thought there are so many plants that can survive indoors in Illinois?! I began a pile on the floor of all the plants I liked and played a spin-off of America’s Next Top Model called “Emily’s New House Plants”.

“Nine beautiful plants stand before me. I only have room for three.”

My winners were two cacti, a succulent, a bamboo, and a leafy houseplant. Three turned into five. On the short walk to the register, I was notified there was a kitten outside. I never thought I’d be the type of person to shout, “hold my plants!”

I left the store with five plants and the kitten.  Who am I to leave a sweet and pretty kitty to starve? Not on my watch!  I named her Pansy because she was outside the flower shop and she was an excellent addition to the sorority home. Obviously, my girls adored Pansy and when she snuggled against my chest I learned what true love is all about. Pansy being a young kitten loves to play, explore, nap, and eat.  I desperately tried to keep her off my furniture but that little meow is irresistible.


Having a kitten in a sorority house ended up being much harder than I originally imagined.  There are girls that have extreme allergies so she was confined to my small apartment which is not fair to any animal.  I ended up finding an older couple in the area that wanted to adopt her.  Pansy now has a loving home and is allowed on the furniture and treated like a princess.

I was not the only one sad to see Pansy go, but I still have five plant babies who do not mind if I come home late or leave for the weekend. One day I will be able to adopt multiple animals and love them so much!

XX, -E


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