Winter Wonderland

Two months ago I was in Key West soaking up the sunshine, laying in the sand, and swimming with dolphins for Christmas.  It’s no secret that my ideal weather is sunny and 75° Fahrenheit or higher.  Despite that, I still have a few Winter favorites!


1). Sweaters. I love chunky sweaters, oversized sweaters, cropped sweaters, all the sweaters.  They are so comfy and always look great with leggings which means I do not have to wear pants-instant favorite.

2). Hot Chocolate. I am in the minority of adults. I do not like coffee! A cup of hot chocolate is the perfect afternoon treat at work and when I have it in my coffee mug no one thinks twice.  Word on the street, quality hot chocolate helps with headaches-worth a shot!

3). Gingerbread Houses.  If being an architect did not require such a solid math understanding I think it would have been an excellent career path for me.  This allows me to work on my home building and decor with a sweet side of candy. Cannot go wrong!

4). Fireplaces. There is nothing like the sweet comfort of actually not freezing your butt off!  Not all homes have fireplaces but you can buy a fake one that is just as cute and warm. When I am at my parents’ house, you can find me curled up on the couch with Buddy and Gizmo and the fake fireplace cranked up.

5). Paper Snowflakes.  Real snow is the actual worst. I love making paper snow flakes because it is cute decor minus the cold. This year, my house was sprinkled in paper snowflakes thanks to my awesome girls.


But my absolute favorite part of winter is when spring starts teasing us, the snow melts, temperatures climb, and the sunshine is out to play!. Let’s face it, there is nothing better than reaching for my sunglasses, not needing a jacket, and seeing the temperature rise!



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