Now Boarding: Six Staples


My house has been eerily quiet the last few days. It’s Spring Break and the beach, mountain, and beloved pet Instagram pictures are rolling deep! I myself will be taking a Spring Break trip shortly and could not be more excited!

As a Sorority House Mom, yes, I have some definite “mom” qualities. I am always storing things in my car, purse, overnight bag for those “just in case” moments. This carries over to my packing skills as well, especially after the nightmare of landing in Mexico and realizing all of my pants were still sitting on my bed instead of in my suitcase.

It’s important for me to feel prepared when I am not going to be at home so if I am traveling I tend to go overboard. Only problem with my extreme packing skills is I usually do not pay the extra money to have a checked bag. Carry-ons are affordable and make me feel more secure.  Whether I have a checked bag or not, there are a few staples that always make it into my carry-on.

So what’s in my carry-on?

  • My toothbrush and some toothpaste. I am extremely anal about dental hygiene and even if I have a checked bag I want that bad boy with me for emergencies and post meal brushing.
  • A ridiculous amount of underwear. My weekend trip is  a total of four days so I will be packing ten pairs because you never know. Clean (cute & comfy) underwear is the difference between a good day and a bad day.
  • A sweatshirt or jacket. Planes are either burning hot or freezing cold and guess who already is usually cold –> this girl. No need to be uncomfortable if you bring layers.
  • A book. Call me old school but I would much rather get caught up in a good book than cross my fingers the plane has working wifi. This is also a great distraction from the overly chatty passengers or crying babies. Books work 8/10 times for not having to tell a stranger to stop telling you about their childhood in Paris while still having them buy you a snack on the plane. Anything to be polite, have some peace and quiet, and get free food am I right?!
  • Pepto-Bismal, pill bottle. There’s nothing worse than having the tummy rumbles in a strange place. Trust me on this one. Always think ahead of how your body reacts to new places.
  • Change of clothes. This one is important if you are checking your bag.  The planner in me always thinks of the “what ifs” like a lost bag. Do you really want to be stuck in the same exact outfit for who knows how long it takes you to recover a lost bag or get new clothes? My body just crawls thinking about that. Pack an extra outfit and you will be covered during an unexpected situation.
  • Sun Protection. I get laughed at when I break out the SPF, a hat, and swimsuit cover up and I am so used to it. There is nothing worse than loving the sunshine and turning into a lobster on all sun-related occasions. I don’t play around with this porcelain skin.


What are your staples for a carry-on bag? Are you an over or under packer? Let me know 🙂

XO, -E




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