Turn Up That Dial!

 It is BEAUTIFUL outside today. Great windows down, music blasting weather.  If you have ever seen my driving, you will notice that I am also performing because I am excellent at multi-tasking. These are some of the songs that I am blasting:

If you have not heard the song My Church by Maren Morris you’re living under a rock. This new girl reminds me of Kasey Musgraves; talented and a wonderful mixture of country and hippie. Sign me up to be her friend!  She has an EP and an album called “All That it Takes” so be sure to check out both for lots of fun new music. I honestly have liked each song I have heard by her, especially Company You Keep. Listen Below!



Chris Lane is the new Bro Country artist you need to check out. He sings the song Fix which is guilty for getting stuck in your head while cruising to work. A few months ago when I heard Fix on the radio for the first time I *almost* blew out my speakers. Do yourself a favor and ignore the music video below but give Broken Windshield a listen. This song will have you wanting a cold beer and a hometown adventure, pronto.


It’s no secret that Chris Stapleton is an incredible artist. His performance with Justin Timberlake a few months ago is more than proof of this man’s talent. The entire Traveler album makes my ears happy and most people only know Tennessee Whiskey. If you do not know that song immerse yourself in the song immediately as it temporarily makes me unable to leave the car when it is on the radio. After you’re aware of the magic that is Chris, listen to the song Fire Away.  The music video was recently released and focuses on emotional suffering so only watch if you can handle some intense scenes.


What are you listening to and loving lately? I am always up for music suggestions.  If you’re lucky, I may serenade you from the karaoke machine in the middle of Walmart.



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  1. Great songs to jam out to! I’m somewhat familiar with Chris Lane, but I’ll have to add that song to my playlist.

    Thanks for sharing!
    XO, Jessica

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes, I already commented on this once, BUT, wanted to make sure that you were subscribed to the new SST (I moved off of WordPress.) After a lot of hard work, WE’RE UP AND RUNNING!! WOOO!!! 🙂


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